Introducing the Health + Hydration Planner

I can’t contain my excitement. We have created a Health + Hydration Planner is near complete. 😱 We’ve been working with an amazing company in Medellin, Colombia by the name of Gratu (@gratucolombia) to ideate and create the planners. 🤗

Gratu makes beautiful planners in English and Spanish throughout the Colombian market. The planners are made from sustainable wood (for the covers), recycled paper, and and their a large of

their proceeds go to supporting Comuna 13 children’s art and music education. 🗣 Absolutely amazing! (Check out their beautiful page and products!)

The planner will help you PLAN, TRACK and MEASURE your health success in five areas:

1️⃣ Tribe. Who will your share your weekly goals with? Will you ask them about their goals?

2️⃣ Mind. What are you grateful for? What self-care will you take on this week? Will you learn something new?

3️⃣ Water. Are you drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily? Track it.

4️⃣ Move. What will you do to get some movement during the day? Are you walking around the building? Squatting at your desk? Biking to work instead of driving?

5️⃣ Bite. What are you planning to eat more/less of? Are you doing an intermittent fast?

These planners will be off to production this month. 😍 I am bursting with excitement.

Pictured is one of the planners that Gratu has made.

Single pages will be available for immediate download and use once complete so that you can begin or continue to PLAN, TRACK, and MEASURE your success . 💯

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