Our Startup Journey - Why Water Ping.

As you may have discovered, Water Ping is a startup. For those not familiar with the startup world, a "startup" is a "company that is in the first stage of its operations. These companies are often initially bankrolled by their entrepreneurial founders as they attempt to capitalize on developing a product or service for which they believe there is a demand." So there you have it, we're a startup.

After giving birth, I struggled with nursing - and I mean STRUGGGGLEDDDDD. I had an unplanned, unexpected and totally unwanted c-section. The shock to my body effectively me mentally and I didn't produce enough milk physically.

A picture of Elizabeth and her son (aged 3).

When I cried to my family about it, I was told "drink more water." Right...I looked online for tips and tricks. Surely, someone on Facebook had an answer... "Drink more water." The answer was clear.

The advice "drink more water" is just like the advice "exercise daily." It is simple advice but without a system and accountability, it is difficult to implement.

Whenever my husband Ange asked me if I drank more water throughout the day, my answer was "I keep forgetting..." or "I just wish someone would ping me."

Thus, the idea of Water Ping was born. Water Ping is a patent-pending smart coaster that tracks water consumption. We have worked with several engineers to ideate the concept on the technology side and currently are in the process of building out the product. Once complete, we will manufacture in a cost efficient manner.

Recognizing that the health culture of Corporate America is killing us, we are still proponents of overall good health and of course, the importance drinking more water. That is why we've created the Health + Hydration Planner designed to look at an employee's health holistically.

I'm incredibly ecstatic and thankful that you are coming along for this amazing journey with us as we create physical and tech solutions to increase health at work.




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